Ergonomics 101

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Ergonomics 101


Office ergonomics:  With the new normal, working from home, ergonomics are more important than ever!  Poor body positioning can wreck your back if you are not careful and deliberate about your body positioning!


Here are 10 tips to ease strain on your body while working from home:


  1. Remember, your body is meant to move!  You do this by adjusting your station throughout the day.  Simple movements like leaning back and stretching your legs can help.
  2. All items that you use should be placed within a comfortable reach.  This lessens strain on the shoulders and upper back.
  3. If you are using printers and scanners infrequently, it is great opportunity to get up and pick up your documents, however, if they are used frequently, they should be close by.
  4. Position your mouse at the same height as your elbows so that you are access it with a straight wrist.  If you are using the mouse for extended periods your forearm and elbow should be supported.
  5. If you are using a keyboard tray, the mouse and keyboard should be at the same height.
  6. Rest your fingers on the mouse buttons, rather than holding them in the air.
  7. Place your monitor directly in front of you. You should be able to read the entire monitor without any excessive neck movements.  Adjust the tilt to minimize glare.
  8. Use a document holder, this will minimize eye strain.
  9. If you use the telephone, it should be placed close to you.  If you use it frequently, a headset or hand-free options should be used.
  10. Use the wrist rest for resting, not typing.  The keyboard should be located at an appropriate height and angle to maintain a natural, neutral posture with your arm relaxed at your sides, 90 elbows, and straight wrists.
  11. Your chair should be adjusted to meet your body requirements, including seat height, backrest height, ankle and adjustable armrests.



Do you have additional questions?  Need help with your individual office set up?  Are you getting pain from sitting? If so, schedule an ergonomic consult via telehealth!  We will assess your home office and make recommendations so that you will have less strain and pain while working!  As always, we are Woodbury’s resource for musculoskeletal pain! Feel free to reach out with any questions!