Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape Services in Woodbury, MN

Dr. Schreiber has been treating patients with Kinesiology tape before it became popular!  While it is sold over-the-counter, correct application is key to its effectiveness.  We do not recommend applying it yourself.  We have spent many hours of training studying the science and application of the tape, when and how to use it. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Kinesiology tape has been shown to be helpful for restoring posture, decreasing swelling and inflammation, preventing over-contraction of muscles after an injury, and providing support to an injured area. Remember, kinesiology tape is not a cure, but an adjunct to treatment that may assist with healing!

How Does It Work?

Kinesiology tape stimulates receptors in the skin, which helps to decrease pain in the area. The tape also lifts the skin away from the muscles and fascia, which promotes blood to the area to accelerate the healing process. Unlike traditional athletic tape, kinesiology tape is stretchy so that it promotes movement instead of restricting it.

Kinesiology tape is a great adjunct to all the other services that MN Spine and Sport has to offer patients across the Woodbury area!

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