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Functional Rehabilitation in Woodbury, MN

At MN Spine and Sport, exercise and movement are the cruces of our treatment. In fact, Dr. Schreiber is Board Certified in Rehabilitation, the only chiropractor in the East Metro that has this high level of training. He is also the only chiropractor in Minnesota certified in the McKenzie Method.  He also holds many other rehabilitation certifications. We are extremely passionate about getting you moving better, and rehabilitation is proven to do just that!

Pain often causes altered movement patterns. Faulty movement patterns lead to mobility impairment, strength deficits, and more pain! Unfortunately, these movement patterns do not always return to normal once the pain is gone. At MN Spine and Sport, our experienced Woodbury chiropractors provide functional rehabilitation to people dealing with altered mobility, and strength deficits after an injury. We work with weekend warriors, those in car accidents or work injuries, high-level athletes, high school athletes, or someone looking for more mobility. We want to help you!

Pairing rehabilitation with manual therapy and manipulation is paramount to a successful outcome.  Research shows that combinations of treatment with exercise get you better faster than exercise or manipulation alone. In fact, not performing a therapeutic exercise can severely slow progress.  We are experts at determining which treatment is right for you! Functional rehabilitation addresses these dysfunctional movement patterns and strength imbalances to restore proper mechanics. Our chiropractors in Woodbury, MN, will identify dysfunctional patterns during the initial stages of treatment and give you exercises to help correct faulty movement patterns so you can get back to your life, sport, or activity as soon as possible! 

As always, our treatment is always evidence-based, which includes your individual needs and concerns. While we will instruct you in the office, we are going to need your help in performing them at home too. This is paramount and can slow progress if not done. At MN Spine and Sport, we will go above and beyond so that you will make the changes that you need to move better, feel better and live better!

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Watch this video by Dr. Schreiber to learn more about Injury Rehabilitation at MN Spine and Sport