Sports & Injury Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation in Woodbury, MN

Pain often causes you to change how you move. Unfortunately, these movement patterns don’t always go back to normal once the pain is gone. At MN Spine and Sport, our experienced Woodbury chiropractors provide functional rehabilitation to people dealing with altered mobility after an injury. Functional rehabilitation addresses these dysfunctional movement patterns and strength imbalances to restore proper mechanics. Our chiropractors in Woodbury, MN, will identify dysfunctional patterns during the initial stages of treatment and give you exercises to help correct faulty movement patterns so you can get back to your life, sport, or activity as soon as possible!

A previous injury is one of the most important risk factors for suffering a future injury. To reduce the risk of future injury, we use the Functional Movement Screen and other movement assessments which test for muscle imbalances and movement asymmetries. The Functional Movement Screen is utilized by mainly professional sports teams, including the NBA, MLB, and NFL, to keep their athletes on the field.