Dry Needling/Acupuncture in Woodbury, MN

Acupuncture has been proven to dramatically reduce pain! Multiple high-level research studies and current guidelines, including the American College of Physicians, recommend acupuncture as a therapeutic intervention. Acupuncture has been proven to successfully relieve pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms, as well as improve function and daily activities. Who would not want to feel better and move better! We have observed that many patients that have chronic pain have dramatic reductions in pain and increased quality of life with acupuncture. 

How Does Acupuncture Work?

While traditional Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to move energy or “chi”, the chiropractors at MN Spine and Sport take a Western Medicine approach and follow the science.  According to research, the inserted acupuncture needles stimulate the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters, which are natural painkillers. The needles act as a stimulus, blocking the pain signals to the brain. Additionally, by unknown mechanisms, there is an upregulation of the natural pain-blocking system as well!  Pain is restored and function is improved, allowing your body to heal. We frequently will attach electrodes to the needles, giving you more stimulation, speeding the process, and relaxing the stiff, tight, and spasmed muscles.  It feels like a pulsing sensation and the overwhelming majority of the patients prefer this to no stimulation. If this is concerning or you are not comfortable, we do not have to use electroacupuncture.

Does It Hurt?

Most of the time no, but some patients may feel a “pinch” at the needle site. The needles are very small, only the thickness of hair. The tip is pointed as opposed to a beveled edge, used to give vaccines. This allows for ease of insertion and maximal comfort to the patient. Needles are only are sterilized, individually packaged, and only used once. Once needles are used, they are properly disposed of in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health.

How Are Dry Needling and Acupuncture Different?

Dr. Schreiber is trained in a variety of needling techniques, including acupuncture and dry needling. Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling are very similar in practice. Needles are inserted into trigger points and “manipulated”, causing the needled muscles to slightly contract.  When this happens, the trigger points are de-activated, and pain and range of motion are improved.  

Our chiropractors in Woodbury, MN, are happy to offer acupuncture services to those in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

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Watch this video by Dr. Schreiber to learn more about acupuncture and dry needling at MN Spine and Sport