Our Clinic

What We Do

From initial examination to discharge, your treatment plan will be tailored to your unique condition. We take our time to provide accurate diagnoses and positive treatment outcomes. Since 2004, our specialty has been sports and injury rehabilitation. Whether it be nagging lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, a rotator cuff tear, sciatic pain, pain after surgery, splitting headaches, pain from a car accident or a sports-related injury, we have you covered! We also specialize in jaw disorders/pain and chronic pain.

Why See Us

Sports and Injury Rehabilitation is our primary focus! We believe that no two patients, or two treatment plans, are alike. We will take the time to figure out your diagnosis and we will be able to treat with a variety of proven modalities such as Manipulation, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, PEMF, Exercise, Manual Therapy, Graston technique, Kinesiology Tape, Myofascial Release, Spinal Decompression, Cupping and Nutrition.

Dr. Schreiber is Woodbury and the east Metro’s only Board Certified Rehabilitation Specialist! He is also Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition. He also holds certifications in McKenzie Method, Functional Movement Screen, Fascial Movement Technique, RockTape, Kinesio Tape, Spider-Tech Tape, Graston, Cupping, Acupuncture and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Nutritionist. Dr. Schreiber was also awarded the American Chiropractic Association Rehab Chiropractor of the year for 2018, a national award.

Our Treatment

All treatment begins with a thorough examination, diagnosis and management plan. Every consultation will include a detailed history, thorough examination and include a combination of treatments that may include:

  1. Chiropractic manipulation
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Exercise Rehabilitation
  4. IASTM – Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  5. Mobilization
  6. Manual therapy
  7. Cupping
  8. Kinesiology Tape
  9. Laser Therapy
  10. Spinal Decompression
  11. PEMF
  12. Normatec
  13. Ergonomic Advice
  14. Take home exercises and tips to speed recovery

Our Difference

It’s all about you! All treatment sessions are one-on-one with the doctor or therapist. Our team of chiropractors treats each patient in an individual, private setting.

Your time is valuable! We have early morning and evening appointments. Our team strives to be punctual and understanding of your busy life.

Everyone is a bit different! Just as you are unique, so are the treatments we offer. We understand that patients respond to different therapies and that is why we pride ourselves in offering a multitude of treatments. We are focused on finding the right combination of therapies to get you better as fast as possible.

The Four Pillars

Individualized Care

Have you been treated like you were just a cog in a machine? Have you felt ignored and not heard in your doctor’s office? You are not a number in our office! We understand that no two patients are alike, therefore no treatment plan is the same. Our patient-centered care maximizes treatment effectiveness and significantly reduces recovery time.

Wide Variety of Treatment Options

Have you felt that your treatment is always the same and there is never any progression? Do you feel like you are on an assembly line? In our experience, we have found that every patient responds to treatments differently. One patient may find success with a combination of chiropractic and decompression; while another is more successful with laser therapy and acupuncture. We want to be able to offer a multitude of therapies to ensure your pain is managed, function is improved, treatment goals are met, and you get back to health!

Evidence-Based Care

Have you ever questioned the scientific validity of your treatment? Science is always revolutionizing the way in which health and the human body are cared for. As a self-proclaimed “research nerd”, Dr. Schreiber is on the cutting-edge of all scientific advancements relating to his field. Not only is he trained to the highest standard, but he is also constantly evolving and implementing the best, evidence-based practices into all our treatment plans. Dr. Schreiber is Board Certified in both Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition and is Woodbury’s only Board Certified Rehab Specialist! He is the 2018 American Chiropractic Association Rehab Chiropractor of the Year.

Results Driven

Ever feel it is more about the doctor than the patient? The impact we make on the lives of our patients is our passion! Our #1 purpose is to help our patients reach their goals; whether it be mobility, pain management or athletic performance. We want our patients back to doing the things they love! At MN Spine and Sport, we provide a specialized plan for your health, using modern tools, resources, and techniques to provide non-invasive, sustainable results.

Dr. Scott Schreiber

Dr. Scott Schreiber has been in practice since 2004. He is Double Board Certified in Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition. He is a 2004 graduate of the University of Bridgeport with a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition.

His practice focuses on activity-limiting problems with a science-based approach, combining multiple methods to find what works best for your individual condition. Combined with years of experience, this allows him to see a wide variety of patients, including tough cases where other treatments have failed.

Dr. Schreiber has spent thousands of hours in post-doctoral training, including acupuncture, McKenzie method, cupping, Kinesiotaping, spider-tech tape, Rocktape, functional movement screen, post-surgical rehabilitation, and nutrition. These additional specialty certifications complement his board certifications, providing a unique approach to patient care only found at MN Spine and Sport!

In addition to his chiropractic practice, Dr. Schreiber is a licensed nutritionist and a certified nutrition specialist. He is knowledgeable and proficient at treating a wide variety of conditions, not solely musculoskeletal.

Dr. Schreiber is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and is the treasurer of the American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Council where he also serves as the editor of the Journal of the North American Rehabilitation Specialist. Most recently, he was voted the 2018 Rehabilitation Chiropractor of the Year by the American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Council.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Haley Balego

Dr. Haley Balego was born and raised in Coon Rapids, MN. She attended undergraduate school at both Minnesota State University- Mankato, and the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. She chose to pursue her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Cleveland University in Kansas City where she graduated in December of 2020.

Along the course of her chiropractic career, she has gained certifications in IASTM, kinesiotaping, cupping, and acupuncture.

Healthcare has forever been an interest of hers and her true passion emerged when she found chiropractic. Her focus is on helping people move better, stronger, faster, and best of all, pain free, by utilizing an evidence-based approach to treatment.

When she isn’t spending time at the office, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, go up to her cabin, and watch football. She’s so excited to be a new team member at MN Spine & Sport and is looking forward to meeting all of you!


Stephanie has been with MN Spine and Sport since May 2022. She is a MN native and has called Woodbury home with her husband and two children for the last five years. She graduated from The University of St. Thomas and has worked in customer service for many years.

She has a passion for photography as well as wellness, and is excited to help patients feel their best.

When she isn’t working, she loves to travel and explore the outdoors when time allows during the busy dance, baseball and swim team seasons!


Allyson has been with MN Spine and Sport since Sept 2022. She currently attends University of Wisconsin River Falls to pursue a degree in Sports and Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching.

Carey Schreiber – Office Manager

Carey has been with MN Spine and Sport since 2018, and she has had the pleasure of helping grow and transform the clinic into what it is today. Her objective is to improve quality and efficiency, as well as the patient experience.

Carey graduated from Kansas State University and has worked in marketing and management for over 15 years. She enjoys working with the patients and strives to offer a welcoming, patient-centered environment.

Carey is a proud Woodbury resident and mother of two beautiful daughters. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and reading.