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Nutrition at MN Spine and Sport in Woodbury, MN

Does Nutrition Matter When you are Injured?

So, all of us have tweaked something in the gym at some time or another. Many of us have gotten injured during an athletic activity. The “go-to” recommendations are usually RICE: rest, ice, compression, or elevation during the first seventy-two hours and then begin some form of rehabilitation. However, no one ever discusses what your nutrition should look like while you are recovering. Proper nutrition while injured or while rehabilitating can make the biggest difference in speed of healing and overall recovery. I would argue that nutrition is the missing link in all of rehabilitation. You can be doing everything...

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Sports Physicals at MN Spine and Sport in Woodbury, MN

Does Single Sport Specialization Effect Injury Risk?

What is Sport Specialization? Sport specialization is defined as year-round training, participation on multiple sports teams of the same sport, and focused participation of sport at a young age.1 Over the past decade, there has been an increase in youth sports participation with an additional increase in training for a specific sport. There are many factors which contribute to this trend. They are to give the athlete an edge in competition, scholarships, and the youth becoming a potential professional athlete. Contrary to these perceived benefits, research shows the opposite; early sport specialization does not lead to a competitive advantage. In addition,...

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Sports Injuries MN Spine and Sport in Woodbury, MN

What is a Rehabilitation Specialist?

One of the biggest impacts that changed the course of my professional career is my training as a rehabilitation specialist. Becoming a board certified takes almost three years to complete. It involves over three hundred hours of instruction, written tests and a practical exam. After all of this is completed, a written case study submitted to a peer-reviewed journal is required. Becoming board certified also requires attendance at the national symposium and yearly re-certification. Rehabilitation education beyond what is taught in chiropractic school is extensive. Advanced examination and treatment techniques are covered. This includes topics like exercise prescription, functional movement, post-surgical...

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