What is a Rehabilitation Specialist?

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What is a Rehabilitation Specialist?

One of the biggest impacts that changed the course of my professional career is my training as a rehabilitation specialist. Becoming a board certified takes almost three years to complete. It involves over three hundred hours of instruction, written tests and a practical exam. After all of this is completed, a written case study submitted to a peer-reviewed journal is required. Becoming board certified also requires attendance at the national symposium and yearly re-certification.

Rehabilitation education beyond what is taught in chiropractic school is extensive. Advanced examination and treatment techniques are covered. This includes topics like exercise prescription, functional movement, post-surgical rehabilitation, concussion rehab, chronic pain, integration with other professionals, functional capacity examinations, Kinesiotaping, movement assessments and foot orthotics. This allows for a greater degree of comfort and experience when dealing with complex cases.

Treatment at MN Spine and Sport is very movement based, meaning our goal is to get you moving better with less pain as fast as we can. We integrate a lot of active and passive modalities, such as core stabilization, McKenzie treatment, kinesiology taping, TRX training, balance training, cupping, and Graston. We also include passive modalities, especially in the initial part of treatment, including laser, PEMF, spinal decompression and acupuncture. All of our treatments are evidence-based and have stood the test of time. In fact, Dr. Schreiber is the only board-certified rehabilitation specialist in Woodbury and the East Metro!

Since every patient is different, the assessment and treatment are based on the individual’s condition. Each treatment plan is customized to the patient’s individual needs. Board certification also allows for greater defensibility in court, as well as a greater degree of expertise when dealing with a motor vehicle accident or work injury.

You can rest assured that your treatment at MN Spine and Sport is the highest, evidence-based, cutting edge Woodbury has to offer. Schedule your appointment now so that you can Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better!