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New Patients

What to expect at your first appointment

If you are considering getting a spinal adjustment, acupuncture or any other therapy, your first visit to our office will be very much like visiting any other healthcare provider. A typical visit will include the initial patient intake, physical exam, treatment, and follow-up plan. These procedures help your doctor assess, track, and modify your treatment plan as needed. Here’s what you can expect at your first appointment.

You will fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of your appointment. These forms are also available online to complete ahead of time (click the links below in order to access those documents). We recommend arriving about 15 minutes ahead of your appointment to allow time to fill out these forms. The questionnaire will help assess your current health condition, medical history, and any isolated or chronic injuries. Your doctor will ask about your profession and any physical activities that exacerbate pain and discomfort. The patient intake is a great time to communicate your pain history and health goals.

The Physical Exam

During the physical exam, the doctor will assess your range of motion, reflexes, and muscle strength. From there, the chiropractor will examine any specific areas of discomfort in the body. If the doctor determines that you need additional imaging, he will refer you for that service. The initial exam and services typically takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Subsequent visits will be 15-30 minutes depending on therapies. MN Spine and Sport focuses on customized care, so the time may vary based on each patients concerns as well as where they are in their treatment plan. What to wear: Seems like a funny question, but we want to ensure your comfort at every visit. When you visit a chiropractor for an adjustment, your clothes should not restrict movement. You need to be able to lie down in them and move easily. Loose clothing makes this simpler. You can wear comfortable running shorts, looser pants, or leggings with a loose top or shirt. We always have clean shorts that can be worn for a visit if you are coming from work, please request them when you check in. We also provide exam gowns for acupuncture or laser treatments. In addition, the doctor may prescribe exercise in your treatment and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Insurance Accepted and Payments

We are in-network providers for most health insurance plans, including but not limited Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Partners, Medica, United Healthcare, Ucare, Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna/Preferred One. We are also in network with all Auto Accident insurances and Worker’s Compensation Insurances. We strive to have highly affordable rates and flexible payment plans allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family. Please be sure to bring your insurance card in on your first visit. We also collect co-pay at the time of service. Please see below for the forms of payment we accept. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card, checks and cash. We also accept online payments Square.

High Deductible Plans

We work with many patients with high deductible plans. We offer affordable cash plans to meet your budget. Call the office to learn more 651-459-3171. Little or no Chiropractic Coverage: If you have little or no chiropractic insurance benefits, we offer cost effective cash plans. Call the office to learn more 651-459-3171.

Auto and Workers Compensation

MN Spine and Sport accepts patients who have been involved in automobile and work injuries. We specialize in Injury Rehabilitation and can treat headaches, back pain, neck pain, and any other pain you are experiencing. Dr. Schreiber is Board Certified in Rehabilitation and has an excellent track record of getting injured patients back to health. Dr. Schreiber is also the American Chiropractic Association Rehab Chiropractor of the Year.


Meet the Doctor
Dr. Scott Schreiber has been in practice for over fourteen years. He is double board certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition. He’s also the 2018 Chiropractor of the Year designated by the American Chiropractic Association Rehab Council.
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