Trauma Treatment Center

Trauma Treatment Center

Trauma is another name for wounds. Any events or accidents that cause extreme distress or disturb your normal life are known as trauma. It hampers your abilities to face and overcome the situation and limits your sense by making you feel sad and hopeless. It’s a mental health issue and is increasing day by day. Although any stressful events can disturb your normal functioning, it can not always turn into trauma.

Trauma is severe! Sometimes it lasts for a few days, and sometimes it doesn’t go unless you seek trauma therapy. There is a wide range of trauma therapists in Los Angeles who help you in your journey towards healing.

Five symptoms that you need trauma treatment:

1) A life-threatening event: When you see someone, or you go through an incident that is life-threatening, such as an act of war, a terror attack, physical abuse, violence, a severe illness, car accidents, sexual raids, death of a close one, or natural disasters. These incidents leave you in stress, shock, and anxiety. You’re not comfortable or relaxed, and your mind is in continuous distress.

2) Avoidance: Avoidance symptoms include both internal and external factors. To avoid people, places, objects, and scenarios that remind you of your trauma. Sometime it may include smells, sound or physical symbols that trigger you. The avoidance factor can be helpful as well as unhelpful. For example, if you met a car accident and developed a sense of fear in your heart that it might happen again, what will you do if you have to drive a car daily to your workplace? Or for example, if someone is a rape victim by his close uncle in his paint shop. She will avoid painting her own house and the smell of paints or passing by from the paints shop because that might remind her of intrusive memories she went through, causing her to maintain social distance by breaking the connection to a gathering where she is present. Such incidents make you feel lifeless, helpless, and isolated. Therefore, you should seek medical help and go for intensive trauma treatment.

3) Anxiety: Anxiety is another reason for being a trauma victim. Anxiety leaves you restless and makes you feel edgy, numb, and disconnected. It also increases the chances of suicidal attempts and panic attacks, increasing your heartbeat. As soon as you notice such symptoms, you should go for integrative treatment for trauma and make your life healthy and lively again.

4) Mood swings: Mood swings refer to rapid change in mood; trauma after-effects can cause your negative thinking and negative image of yourself or others. It also develops a sense of fear, shame, and guilt as you blame yourself for the consequences of traumatic events. Frequent anger, hostile behavior, and outburst are also part of it. It controls your mind so much that it’s difficult to have positive vibes from anyone or anything. It accelerates feelings of detachment.

5) Flashback: Have you ever have a terrible dream about traumatic events? Such a nightmare makes you feel that you’re reliving the event. They make you reckless and disturb you mentally and result in sleepless nights known as insomnia.

When you faced the symptoms mentioned above, visit trauma and beyond as they are highly specialized and provide an integrative trauma recovery program that helps you get better with time and good self-care.

For further details, contact trauma and beyond to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or to verify your insurance: 818-651-0725

Trauma Treatment Center

Trauma and Beyond Center

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