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MN Spine and Sport Nominated in 5 “Best of Minnesota” Categories!

We've been nominated in 5 categories for "Best of Minnesota"! Use this link to vote daily from March 12 - April 5, 2023. Winners will be announced August 13th! Vote MN Spine and Sport We've been nominated for: 1). Best Chiropractor 2). Best Acupuncture 3). Best Sports Medicine 4). Best Physical Therapy 5). Best Wellness and Recovery Services...

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Do You Have Lower Back Pain or Sciatica?

The visual that comes to mind when thinking of low back pain is a person half-bent over with a hand on their back.  Many Minnesotans have experienced low back pain, and you may recall feeling severely limited or even helpless during the acute phase of your last episode.  From experience, it can be absolutely miserable! Feelings of pain and helplessness are very common and are some of the reasons why low back pain is one of the most common causes for patients to seek emergency care!1 In fact, over 80% of people have experienced at least one episode of low...

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