Spine Specialist Near Me

If you haven't been diagnosed with a spinal condition, but you are experiencing symptoms that make you think you might have one, then you should seek treatment from a spine specialist near you. Just google “Spine Specialist Near Me,” and look for Dr. Anil Kesani.

Why You Should Choose a Spine Specialist for Spinal Care

If you live in or around Dallas/Fort Worth, then Dr. Anil Kesani of Spine MD is the best option to get reliable spinal care that you can count on. If you have already been diagnosed with a spinal condition, then it is vital that you seek treatment from a spinal care specialist who is capable of administering the highest degree of care. To use an illustration, think of your spinal car like your automotive care – if you have transmission problems, you would take your vehicle to a transmission specialist, not a general mechanic. The same principle is even more important when it comes to your back.

Being diagnosed with a spinal condition can be frightening and stressful, but knowing your spinal care is in the best hands can reduce your fears and anxiety. There are both severe and minor back problems, and you could be suffering from either. It is important to get evaluated and properly diagnosed to eliminate the presence of severe problems. The good news is that most patients who experience symptoms don't actually a serious spinal condition.

How Do I Know if I Have Severe Spine Problems?

You may have a herniated or degenerative disk, a compression fracture, or strained muscles in your back. All of these are fairly routine conditions, and the treatment for these conditions is pretty standard. In some cases, symptoms may result from poor posture or obesity. In such instances, we can provide pain management and other treatments that can minimize back pain and help the person function normally while they work on correcting the problems that are plaguing them.

Naturally, it is our aim to help people avoid surgery, although doing so is not always possible. Our ability to keep people out of surgery largely depends on where the patient is at when they start their treatments. The best way to find out if your problems are severe or minor is to visit a spine specialist near you.

What Dr. Anil Kenasi Can Do for You

Most disorders of the back and spine can be treated non-surgically. A common option for treatment includes physical therapy, and more specifically, the right kind of therapy. Therapy needs change from condition to condition. There are many spinal disorders that can be treated with different types of interventions, such as cervical epidural steroid injections or even neuromodulation that can mitigate the pain in your spine.

Other non-surgical spinal treatments might include osteopathic manipulative treatment, acupuncture, Pilates, and even Yoga. Following your initial evaluation, we'll have a clearer understanding of your current spinal condition, biomechanics, and the real pathology of what's going on with your spine. Then, we'll be able to create a custom treatment plan that is centered around your needs.

Spine Specialist Near Me