Orange County Rehab Centers

Over the years, our treatment facility has been known to offer transformational treatment for alcohol and substance abuse patients. We serve individuals with mental health and substance use challenges, seeking to re-establish their lives after suffering the effects of substance abuse. In terms of size, we can accommodate a sizable number of patients seeking inpatient treatment for up to six months or longer for patients with unique conditions. We have a team of professional staff and specialists that provide counseling and coaching services. As an institution, we provide quality, cost-effective treatment to the community.

Our Co-occurring addiction treatment centers provide treatment accessible to the entire region with our clinics that are spread out. We have developed an extended care program specializing in substance abuse treatment focused on drug and alcohol dependence. We recently launched a residential drug and detox program in Orange County that helps beginners to start their recovery journey. Our extended care treatment facility aims to provide an intensive recovery for addiction and other underlying conditions. At our recovery center, we are driven by the belief that the extended care treatment model creates a safe transformative process that aids long-term recovery.

A couple of years ago, we introduced individual and small group insurance plans to cover Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders as we formulated individual treatment plans for patients. We indulge our patients in group therapies and education on coping skills to avoid triggers and relapses. We have a psychiatric service division that provides crisis stabilization for addiction and disorders. Part of the program involves offering medication, round-the-clock nursing care, and daily program structures suited to the patient's needs.

Some of the treatment addiction programs we offer include:

Clinical Service

Our healthcare professionals make medical assessments for every client and tailor a unique treatment that will meet the treatment needs. We ensure that we establish personalized recovery plans that are measurable and attainable to promote a healthy recovery.

Family program

A crucial part of recovery during Dual diagnosis addiction treatment is attending to patients with addiction problems and extending support, counseling, and providing education to their loved ones. Our mission is to ensure families can support addicts when they encounter struggles and obstacles most sustainably and compassionately.


We offer support once an addict has checked out of our program for the first year to improve chances of long-term success. As patients progress through distinct phases of treatment, we offer an extensive aftercare program that helps instill principles and behavior that will aid in long-term recovery.

Transitional Recovery

Our healthcare staff breaks our extended treatment care into two closely monitored bits. The first phase lasts 90 days, while the second lasts six months, depending on the patient's needs and goals. We aim to ensure that every individual can transform their lives and have a successful recovery.

After receiving Co-occurring disorder treatment, patients are equipped with skills and assigned responsibilities that will help them get back to community living. Most of our patients appreciate our services, which is why our reviews are on social media. Our nurses and healthcare time are responsible for attending to everyone.

Please contact Northbound at 866-311-0003 or email info@livingsober.com to learn more about our facility.


Orange County Rehab Centers

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Orange County Rehab Centers

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