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MN Spine and Sport is a wellness center in Oakland dedicated to providing top-quality chiropractic injury treatments. Unlike the competing top Oakdale chiropractors, MN Spine and Sport strives for nothing short of excellence. By turning to MN Spine and Sport, patients always receive premium chiropractic care in Oakdale. Several things make our facility stand out amongst our competitors, but our staff’s willingness to go the extra mile for clients puts our center at the head of the class.

MN Spine and Sport is unique because the friendly staff works hard to make patients feel comfortable. Using holistic and alternative treatments, medical professionals assist patients through exercise routines combined with other rehabilitation techniques proved to be effective. Patients seeking non-surgical treatment options should consider the evidence-based programs offered by MN Spine and Sport.

Going Above and Beyond Traditional Injury Rehabilitation Treatments

Sometimes, natural medical alternatives offer the best solutions for sports injuries. At MN Spine and Sport, the team works as a cohesive unit to resolve every patient’s condition or injury. Going to a leading Oakland chiropractor may provide patients with the tools needed to feel less pain and live well. MN Spine and Sport cannot promise to change your life or cure your condition. However, the staff can offer the best natural chiropractic care and rehabilitative treatments.

MN Spine and Sport doesn’t exclusively treat sports-related injuries. It also openly treats patients with work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and similar traumatic injuries. In addition, chiropractic treatments may help extend patients’ motion range and endurance. However, each patient experiences varied results based on each individual’s medical history and current condition.

Chronic Neck and Back Pain Treatments

MN Spine and Sport helps patients suffering from chronic neck and back pain. It is challenging to pinpoint the exact causes of lower back pain, but chiropractic adjustments may offer some patients long-term relief. MN Spine and Sport’s team uses manipulative chiropractic strategies to resolve chronic pain issues. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic headaches, and severe joint pain can turn to the staff at MN Spine and Sport for real-time answers.

Headaches and neck pain are caused by multiple conditions, ranging from disc pain to upper cross syndrome. Sitting for extended periods and poor posture are the most common neck pain causes. The upper cross syndrome is a condition caused by unbalanced neck muscles, which can also trigger shoulder pain. At MN Spine and Sport, the medical staff understands the causes and symptoms of the upper cross syndrome and similar conditions.

MN Spine and Sport Uniquely Stands Out

Thanks to its commitment to natural healing, MN Spine and Sport stands out amongst other fine Oakland chiropractor offices. Acupuncture, cupping, and spinal decompression all provides patients with release to some extent.  

New patients can click here to get started on their journey with MN Spine and Sport. No other wellness center in Woodbury competes on the same level as the experts at MN Spine and Sport. Patients can click here or call 651-459-3171 to discuss treatment options with MN Spine and Sport’s team.

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