Neck adjustment San Antonio

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Neck adjustment San Antonio

Many people who suffer from recurring neck pain rely on conventional medical treatments. Unfortunately, OTC and prescription analgesics can only do so much. Often, the problem doesn’t go away, even after maxing out the doses of different drugs. If you’re in these shoes, and you haven’t explored chiropractic care, it may be high time you tried this option. Chiropractic neck adjustment is a natural treatment that can provide long-term relief while helping your neck heal. At P.I Help Injury Clinics, we have a host of experienced chiropractic care practitioners that can help you with safe and effective neck adjustment in San Antonio.

What goes on in a neck adjustment procedure?

Upper cervical chiropractic treatments like neck adjustments focus on the C1 and C2 vertebrae. Also known as the atlas and axis, these vertebrae connect the neck to the head and house nerves that transfer information from the brain to other parts of the body. Continuous years of stress and strain can lead to a misalignment of these vertebrae, and the individual experiences various degrees of recurring pain.

Neck adjustment in San Antonio can correct the misalignment and put the vertebrae back in the correct position. Before carrying out the procedure, the best San Antonio chiropractors will take multiple x-ray images of the vertebrae and decide the degree of manipulation that will produce the best result. Afterward, they employ a low force technique to manipulate the vertebrae and correct the misalignment. If carried out by experts, the procedure is very safe and effective.

What are the benefits of neck adjustments?

Below are some of the benefits of visiting upper cervical chiropractors in San Antonio for your neck adjustment:

  • Restores the vertebrae and neck to its original position
  • Reduces muscle inflammation
  • Relieves pressure and tension in the head and neck region
  • Restores your full range of motion
  • Eliminates restriction in the neck muscles

Are there any risks I should be aware of?

If done by the best chiropractors for neck pain, neck adjustments come with mild or rare risks. The most common complaint by patients is stiffness or soreness after the procedure. However, in most cases, it disappears within a few days. The soreness is akin to the kind of pain you’ll experience after a workout session.

You also need to be aware of other complications, such as arterial injuries. However, this risk comes with every activity that involves high-velocity neck movements. As long as you’re visiting a competent chiropractor for your procedure, you can rest assured such complications are more likely to occur in your car than on the chiropractor’s table. If you weigh the benefits of chiropractic treatments to the side effects of conventional treatments, you’d agree that neck adjustment in San Antonio is the better option.

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Neck adjustment San Antonio

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Neck adjustment San Antonio

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