Drug Rehab Orange County

Drug Rehab Orange County

The attitude towards your addiction and recovery process plays a huge role in how you recover. A negative attitude will override any positive action and intent to replace your common sense eventually and tempt you back into addiction. It would appear that a person who knows they are an addict would do their best to learn from past mistakes and try to change negative behavior.

Research shows that complete rehab has a higher chance of maintaining sobriety for the next five years, while the rest will relapse once or twice in the same period. The best way to achieve this is by getting into rehab with a positive mindset about your addiction and rehab and demystifying irrational thoughts about either.

Misconceptions about rehab and addiction treatment

Addiction is a choice.

Oddly, pouring a drink and pushing it down your throat several times in a day is not your fault. Addiction is not a choice because the drug has taken over your body and causes intense chemical reactions to keep you chained.

The brain becomes accustomed to this physiological need and adapts to think the drug is necessary for survival. Taking drugs is not a moral issue once you start experiencing withdrawals. The brain starts to give you misinformation about its function because it is imbalanced and suffers from a drug-related illness. It is best to check into t a drug rehab in Orange County so they can test you for all possible complications and assign proper treatment solutions.

Drug rehab does not guarantee long-term sobriety.

The life of a drug addict is nowhere close to that of an average and healthy person. They do not process information the same way an average person would and cannot power their way through the addiction to regain sobriety. They must learn a few tools to help deal with cravings and strengthen their will not to relapse. Drug rehab does not promise wellness because we can only do so much to unwire your insidious thoughts. However, it is your best bet in understanding addiction and reducing the chances of relapsing for a lifetime.

Drug rehab must improve your life.

Drug rehab in Orange County is more of a wellness center than anything else. Our goal is to give you the desire and tools to stay sober, so you can recognize your mistakes and work to get over them fast. The recovery program may include tools and services that help you figure out other areas of your life and what leads you to rely on drugs as your escape. However, it is not an end in itself to all your issues because our goal is to address the addiction and its causes, not your entire life.

This case does not mean you should forego rehab, instead use it as a stepping stone to help you figure out your life. Remember that the desire and willingness to stay is enough measure of success in rehab. Crescent Moon Recovery does its best to help addicts combat addiction by addressing drugs’ most profound and darkest motivations. Call 714-464-8474 to schedule an appointment.




Drug Rehab Orange County

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Drug Rehab Orange County

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