COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

Our obligation is to care for our patients, even when it may be easier to stay home. As this crisis unfolds, we are being challenged as health professionals who want to make the best decisions based on the best evidence and information available.


We are actively, and hourly, weighing the risks of our staff and patients against the moral and ethical values of remaining a safe harbor for patients who may not have other places to turn. In some cases, it’s the patient who is a paramedic, firefighter, nurse or physician. People who we all need in this fight. In others, it’s the parent who is in too much pain to look after the kids who are now home and in need of their attention. We are also here to support the continuity of the supply chain by providing DOT Exams to our truck drivers.


We have implemented many procedures to ensure we are following all standards of care for hygiene and sanitation. Our offices are already 1-on-1 contact and by appointment only (no walk-ins). Our number one goal is to protect our patients (especially high risk patients) and to protect our staff against cross-contamination.


Please let us know if you have had any recent travel, participated in any large events or have been in large crowds and of course if you have any symptoms.


At this time, the public health measures restricting gatherings do not apply to health-care facilities. Therefore, chiropractic clinics and multidisciplinary practices remain open for business at their owner’s discretion.


If all private health-care facilities close the burden on the health system, including emergency departments, physician’s offices and urgent care clinics would increase dramatically, taxing the already stressed system. Chiropractic offices have a role to play providing primary care services to injured Minnesotans, thereby reducing this burden.


Over the next few days, we may have to make additional decisions and changes. We are committed to the promise we make to all of our patients: We will not lose touch of you, no matter what! We will be in contact in some way or form.


We are in the process of setting up telehealth services so that we can “see” you virtually face to face and provide needed advice when we are no longer able to do it hands-on for you. These include, urgent cases when you need relief fast, home work station assessment, exercise instruction and keeping up with your established treatment plans. We have a responsibility to keep looking after our people in whatever way we safely can.


We want to respect you and your decisions during this time. If you are uncomfortable being out in public at this time we have three options moving forward:
1). We can reschedule for a future date and then revisit the current state of affairs.
2). We can set up a telehealth appointment (launching soon) where you can conference from your house and we can go over updated movements, pain relief strategies and exercises.
3). Cancel your appointment and reach out at a later time when the health crisis has improved.


We appreciate you and look forward to continuing your care no matter the challenges.