Brain Balance Salt Lake City

Brain Balance Salt Lake City

Wellness and rehab clinic is a leading treatment center for brain balance in Salt Lake City. We specialize in functional medicine, brain care, diagnostic ultrasound, and IV services. Our treatments focus on providing you with quality care and helping you overcome a variety of conditions.

What is brain balance?

The Brain Balance Program is a drug-free treatment approach designed to help children improve focus, social skills, and academic performance. The Brain Balance Program goes beyond the traditional and mainstream approaches and gets to the root of their learning, behavioral, motor, and sensory challenges. When children face behavioral, sensory processing, or focus issues, it is often due to poor nervous connections in different parts of the brain.

Our Salt Lake City brain balance strengthens and builds new brain connections with a unique combination of physical, sensory, and cognitive activities. Brain balance helps multiple networks in the brain fire together, causing a gradual increase in speed and efficiency over time.

Does insurance cover brain balance treatment?

Brain Balance is a drug-free treatment program focused on improving your child’s physical, sensory, and cognitive improvements. Since it does not provide a diagnosis, health insurance does not offer coverage for brain balance treatment. Although the treatment reduces your child’s challenges significantly and equips him/her with essential skills and qualities to thrive better in their environment, Brain Balance is not a medical program.

The good news is that our Utah brain balance center offers customized programs at the lowest prices to ensure that every child has an equal chance at accessing the benefits of our treatments and therapies. With a trained and certified staff team, we offer brain balance in Utah which helps bring upon a remarkable change in children dealing with different learning and behavioral challenges.

What happens during and after the initial brain-balanced assessment?

We schedule an initial assessment with your child to identify areas that require in-depth clinical and psychiatric treatment. Based on the results, we create a personalized plan to help your child overcome their behavioral issues and learning disabilities.

The goal is to create a personalized rehab protocol that best meets your child’s needs. We then determine and plan the number of sessions and the type of physical, sensory, and cognitive activities to ensure optimal rehabilitation and healing. Once we begin the program, we will conduct progress reviews once every 12 sessions and present them at the parent conferences. 

Who can benefit from brain balance programs?

Children suffering from academic, social and behavioral issues, sensory integration, lack of focus, and other spectrum disorders can benefit from our brain balance programs. Our program can help strengthen brain connections, create a solid foundation for learning, and improve social and behavioral patterns in growing children.

Children diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism, PDD-NOS, Dyslexia, and processing disorders can benefit from our brain balance programs. We have helped numerous children approach solutions that were impossible to access for them in the past.

Schedule your first appointment at Wellness and rehab clinic at 801-327-8700. We offer brain balance in Salt Lake City at budget-friendly prices with a highly trained team of therapists. 

Brain Balance Salt Lake City

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Brain Balance Salt Lake City

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