Addiction Treatment Riverside

Addiction Treatment Riverside

Excessive boredom is never a good thing in recovery. Boredom paves the way for negative thinking and slipping back into bad habits. Although it might not always be possible to prevent feeling bored, it’s essential to do everything possible to avoid it. At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we offer top-of-the-line care and addiction treatment in Riverside When you come to us, we’ll equip you with the tools required to break free from the grips of your substance use disorder and enjoy permanent lasting sobriety.

Dangers of Boredom

We all experience boredom, and the feelings can come up from time to time without serious implications. But for others, being bored is tied to addiction. When some people are not taking drugs or alcohol, they automatically become bored since they don’t have their substance of your use to spark excitement.

Boredom is a dangerous feeling to have while in recovery. That is because just like boredom can lead to substance abuse; it is also one of the top reasons a lot of individuals in recovery go back to using alcohol or drugs. While boredom itself isn’t a damaging feeling, the emotions can result in destructive behaviors that can lead to relapse. The good news is, there are different strategies that can help you cope with boredom in recovery.

  • Stick to One Thing

Feeling bored often isn’t about having nothing to do but is actually being dissatisfied with the options available to you. You can pick one thing, try it, get bored with it and move on to something else, which still makes you bored within no time. This repetitive cycle that leads to boredom is usually caused by not sticking with anything long enough to get into it. But if you keep at it even if you feel bored initially, you’ll find it interesting after a while.

  • Change Your Environment

Whenever possible, changing your normal scenery can make a world of difference. And it doesn’t have to be anything over the top. For example, something as simple as going for a jog or long walk can increase your heart rate and blood flow, boosting your feel-good hormones, which will considerably improve your sense of well-being.

  • Redefine Boredom

Boredom is a mindset. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. For instance, if you don’t like staying in one place for long, you can acknowledge your boredom, refuse to dwell on it, and instead focus on why it’s necessary to remain in a particular place. You can also lessen your boredom by calling a supportive family member or friend. 

  • Meditate Daily

Meditating every day has been shown to alleviate stress levels, relieve boredom, and manage cravings for alcohol and drugs.

Overcome Your Substance Use Disorder and Live Sober

At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we believe addiction treatment in Riverside should incorporate a holistic and comprehensive program tailored to every client’s need. And, you don’t have to battle addiction on your own; we’re here for you. Recovery is a journey, and we’ll ensure you start it right. The caring and dedicated team at our accredited facility will guide you on the path to long-term sobriety. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now: https://solidgroundwellness.com/contact-us/.

Addiction Treatment Riverside