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You Made it to the Gym, Now What?

January 6th, 2016

Congratulations, you made it to the gym!  Between the latest cardiovascular machines, free weights, and exercise classes, which are the best?  The answer is all of them, but it depends on many factors, such as your body type, goals, and concurrent health conditions.

Be aware that those that have never exercised or haven’t been in awhile are most likely deconditioned.  Start slow and make sure you are doing so under supervision.  Some individuals with certain medical conditions should not attempt exercise in a gym setting and should only do so under proper medical supervision.

In general, successful weight loss needs to be a healthy balance of weight training and cardiovascular exercise.  Your body is an incredible machine capable of adapting to stresses placed on it.  As your body becomes accustomed to the exercise, it will get more efficient, therefore burning less calories and fat.  Changing routines, exercise type and quantity will keep your body in check.

Weight training will build lean tissue.  Lean tissue is very metabolically active and will help burn more calories, increase strength, and prevent chronic diseases.  At first, weight training needs to be supervised and correct movement patterns needs to be in place prior to beginning.  I can provide a functional movement screen to determine if you have any abnormal movement patterns and muscle imbalances.  Again, these need to be corrected prior to initialing an exercise program as to avoid injury.

Cardiovascular training will do exactly that, strengthen the heart, making it stronger and more efficient.  This will allow blood to be oxygenated at as faster rate.  As a result, your aerobic capacity will increase, allow you to walk, run, or bike for longer time.  Cardiovascular training will burn calories, but will also burn muscle as well as fat.  Interval training will burn more calories than endurance training.  Any more than 45 minutes of exercise will heavy burn muscle tissue over fat.

What about exercise classes?  They are great to break up the monotony of exercise and keep you motivated.  They will challenge your body in a different way, adding variety and keep your body guessing.  Yoga and bodyweight classes are my favorites.

Remember, exercise is only twenty percent of weight loss, diet is eighty.  I am here to help you!  Please call and schedule your initial evaluation today!